We need a revolution & change of mindset


Yesterday I joined Caring Hearts Uganda organization which is run by Mrs. Barbara Kyagulanyi aka Barbie Kyagulani aka Mrs. Bobi Wine, to Plant a Smile and give foodstuffs and other necessities to single mothers living in the Kamokya ghetto and slums.

Their situation is dire! Huge number of people crammed into a small place like that, small single room houses that host up to 10 people. Garbage littered all around the establishments with dirty smelly sewage water flowing freely in the place. No words can begin to describe the situation in the Kamokya slums. And yet Barbie laughed at our surprise and the look of horror on our faces and exclaimed that we had not seen the worst there is.

I froze in time quite often especially when a kid stopped us to ask for some of the goodies. At some point I felt embarrassed for the seemingly little and insufficient things that we had carried. Nevertheless, we carried on and delivered our goodies to the overjoyed single mothers. Some of them were my age but saddled with many children and problems that I pray never befall even my worst enemies.

And yet I realise this is the plight of many Ugandans especially women. And so I ask myself what can I do, what can we do? I realise that supplying fish is not a solution, I agree with Dr. Dambisa Moyo that aid is Dead Aid and not the solution. We need to teach them how to fish however we need to find suitable water because fishing in a swimming pool or alike would be nugatory.

Claire Amanya Rukundo – Kakeeto
Managing Partner
CR. Amanya Advocates & Solicitors


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