Foreigners applying for divorce in Uganda

Divorce in Uganda is governed by The Divorce Act, Cap 249 of the Laws of Uganda. The procedure for obtaining a divorce is initiated by filing a petition to court. A husband or a wife may present a petition for divorce to court and pray that the marriage be dissolved. There are many factors that... Continue Reading →


Protecting your Land going forward

Part VI How to protect your land going forward a) Ensure you transfer it and register yourself as the registered proprietor as soon as possible. Note that Uganda uses the “Torren's system” of land registration of titles. This system covers private mailo land and freehold. Customary land tenure follows the Land Act. Mailo land (Kabaka’s... Continue Reading →

Land Sale Agreement; What it should look like. Check out ours attached here!

Having carried out your due diligence and are ready to purchase the land, we advise that formalize and enter into a Sale Agreement. We could discuss for a day about what should be contained in a sale agreement and the importance of each clause. It is that intense and important! Why? - With some few... Continue Reading →

HOT DEAL! HOT DEAL! LAND FOR SALE @ 100,000/= only 

Buying and selling land is one of the most profitable business ventures you can engage in. It is never too early to start and you can never have too little money to start. In a recent conversation with one of our clients, Ukrainian billionaire, Mr. Machuka Volodymyr, a majority owner of Coke Engineering with several... Continue Reading →

Unreasonable taxes expose Uganda’s generational divide crisis

Allan's Wordy World

The first day of July came a crude surprise for  some of us. Just a few minutes after midnight those of us who were within the borders of Uganda found ourselves unable to access several internet sites because they had been categorised as ‘over-the-top’ services and slapped with a bizarre tax of UGX200 per day. Those who pulled the plug (Telecoms) took a while to get their houses in order and for a number of hours the internet in general was a mess and the USSD code for paying the tax (OTT tax) seemed not to work.

I eventually managed to pay the tax so as to access the over 50 social media sites that had been blocked. Yes  the number is over 50. Think of any social media site and it is there on that list. So it is not just Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram. Even LinkedIn, Skype and…

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We need a revolution & change of mindset

WE NEED A REVOLUTION! Yesterday I joined Caring Hearts Uganda organization which is run by Mrs. Barbara Kyagulanyi aka Barbie Kyagulani aka Mrs. Bobi Wine, to Plant a Smile and give foodstuffs and other necessities to single mothers living in the Kamokya ghetto and slums. Their situation is dire! Huge number of people crammed into... Continue Reading →

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